The Case For Donating Items Vs Letting Them Sit In Your Home

I am a big believer of “purge” as you go in life. This means getting things out of your home when you no longer use them. When you deem that they are no longer viable to you, let them go. The longer they sit, they risk the chance of being unusable, getting ruined and damaged/dirty.

I see it all the time. Items left in the garage, basement, or attic. The black holes of the house. I am called in many times when these spaces get full and out of control. I am a “green queen” and my preference is to donate things vs just trash them. Unfortunately, I tend to find a lot of things that aren’t in good shape or out of date. These once viable things turn into waste!!

1. Instruction books- These tend to get out of date very quickly. Read it, take notes, then donate or resell.

2. Clothing- Clothes will get that musty smell. If you choose to keep things, store them in plastic bins. Donate what you don’t need.

3. Electronics- With technology constantly changing. Your old technology will soon be out of date. Make sure your label the cords and pieces of your components. You don’t want to end up with the big cord bin. Your electronics can be resold(if you are just upgrading) or recycled. Best Buy will take them.

4. Household appliances- If you get a new one, let the other one go. Simple as that.

5. Sports equipment- After your kids outgrow or chose not to continue with a sport, consider donating to a local school or children’ charity.

So don’t be part of the problem- be part of the solution. Don’t let things sit in your home that you don’t need!! Donate or sell them while they are still viable to someone!!

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