Resources For Donating or Selling Books In Chicago

I am finding more and more than the traditional donation centers don’t want books. Its seems with every big purging job- there are books that need to go! So where should you donate or sell your books? We are lucky, in Chicago there are several different resources to help us probably donate/sell our books. Here are some of my suggestions.

1. Book drops- All over the city are book drops in closed bins. They take books and movies.

2. They have a book store and resell your books for literacy programs. You will get a tax receipt for your donation. You can either drop them off at their store or they can pick them up for you.

3. Stick Figure Books- They buy books. They will pick up books and send your a check. I use them all the time for my clients. They can be reached at 847 277 1757.

4. Half Priced Books. They are located in Niles, Il right outside of Chicago. They will give you cash for your books.

I have used all of these different methods to get books out of clients homes. Happy Purging!!

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