Did You Know That October Was ADD Awareness Month?

October was ADD/ADHD awareness month. A cause near and dear to my heart. There are 11 people in my family that have been “officially” diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I am sure there are more. Obviously, its inherited.

So it was natural when I started organizing , that ADD would be one of my specialties. I had grown up around it. I have seen first hand how it effected family members. I have also read many books on the subject. This was in part an attempt to coexist with a former partner.

Here are some important things I have learned about ADD.

1. Its essential to educate yourself on ADD and how it personally challenges you. Is it time management? Socially? Work issues?

2. People with ADD tend to add in their lives and not subtract. Many times they end up with crowded space and have items they don’t need.

3. If you have ADD you are more than likely, very visual. Many times people keep things out because they have a fear of losing them. Its important to set up good systems. A label maker will become your best friend.

4. Many people with ADD have memory issues. Its important to have daily habits vs tasks.

5. The timer trick is one of my favorite methods. Simply set a timer to help you focus. You will be amazed at how many tasks you can get done!!

And the most important thing I can tell you- don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are a lot of wonderful people out there that can help get you on track!!

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