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A Few Helpful Tips When Organizing Seniors

A few years ago, I was asked to be a preferred organizer for an assisted living center in my neighborhood. I was to help people downsize their homes and move them into their new condos. As easy as it seems, it comes with its own set of challenges. I quickly learned that I need not... Read more »

The Case For Donating Items Vs Letting Them Sit In Your Home

I am a big believer of “purge” as you go in life. This means getting things out of your home when you no longer use them. When you deem that they are no longer viable to you, let them go. The longer they sit, they risk the chance of being unusable, getting ruined and damaged/dirty.... Read more »

Resources For Donating or Selling Books In Chicago

I am finding more and more than the traditional donation centers don’t want books. Its seems with every big purging job- there are books that need to go! So where should you donate or sell your books? We are lucky, in Chicago there are several different resources to help us probably donate/sell our books. Here... Read more »

Purging With Your Partner

In a perfect world, two people would spend time purging their respective residences before moving in together. They would go through each room and get rid of duplicates and define a decorating style. They would donate or sell, all the excess before combining their space. This isn’t always the case! So what happens when you... Read more »

Did You Know That October Was ADD Awareness Month?

October was ADD/ADHD awareness month. A cause near and dear to my heart. There are 11 people in my family that have been “officially” diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I am sure there are more. Obviously, its inherited. So it was natural when I started organizing , that ADD would be one of my specialties. I had... Read more »

How To Handle Time Sucks In Your Life

Last week I was switching over my phone system from ATT to ATT Universe. It seemed simple enough but alas, it required a phone call to ATT. The dreaded moment of life. A time suck. “Time Sucks” are things that take up our precious time that we consider to be a waste. It could be... Read more »