Why Haven't You Gone Paperless?

I was so excited when I started my business 11 years ago. I had my business cards, website, and work bag all ready to go. I was networking like crazy and all was well in the world. Then my boyfriend told me one thing was missing- me going paperless.

What do you mean? I am an organized freak. Have you seen my place. And my files. But he didn’t buy that and said most of my clients wouldn’t either. He reminded me that I preached about simplicity and here I was getting bills in the mail. So one night we sat down and he changed everything over for me. It took all of 20 minutes. We then went to my banks website and set that up as well. Talk about a fun date night!!

I confess, he was and is right. Even though I like my paper, its a more efficient way to handle bills and misc mail. Here are the reasons you should go paperless:

* It cuts down on your incoming mail processing and filing time.

* When you get your bills online, you can take care of them anywhere and anytime.

* You save approximately $200 per year in postage. That’s some nice shoe money!!

* Its good to be green!!

So think about it. What are you waiting for? I went paperless 11 years ago and have never looked back! Its so worth it.

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