Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

A large part of an organizers business is unpacking and setting up new homes. Its truly one of my favorite things to do. You start from scratch and get to make it pretty. Sometimes its more of a challenge. When one’s space has dramatically changed and their belongings haven’t. Here are some of the top mistakes that drive me crazy and that I see time and time again:

*Label the box where is going in the new house, not where it came from. Pack for the space in your new home. This makes it easier for the movers to place in the correct space.

* Watch where you have the movers place the boxes. Don’t overcrowd the kitchen so that you don’t have room to work. Also, the same goes for closets. I showed up at a job the other week and the movers had put 15 heavy boxes in a master closet. It was a time waste on everyone’s part to have them moved out.

* Do a floor plan before you move. Get rid of furniture that isn’t going to fit your new space.

* Purchase storage containers for the kitchen and bathrooms. If my clients allow me, I show up with a large mix of containers when I start the unpack. It helps to finish things the first time.

* If you are using a service or friends to help you unpack, make sure you label where you want things to go. I am a big fan of post it notes.

* If you space has dramatically changed, consider that you will need to create new storage. I had one client buy and assemble a small pantry closet before I got there.

* Purge before you move. If you don’t need it, don’t take it with you!!

Just a few tips to help you get settled in your new home. The quicker you unpack, the easier it will be on you. Take the time to set up your home.

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