How To Organize Your Party Planning

I made it with five minutes to spare. My guests were walking in the door and I was cutting up the last tray of cheese. I cut it down to to the wire but I made it.

Last Friday night I threw a wine tasting party. It had been on the calendar for a month. And of course that week I was fully booked with work and social stuff during the week. What saved me? A wonderful “to do” list. Being my mother’s daughter, I have party planning down to an art.

Here are somethings to put on your list!

* Cleaning- schedule time to clean your place
* Seating- do you need to bring more seats up or rearrange your furniture
* Beverages- wine, soda, water? What do you need to have on hand
* Serving items- are you a paper plate person? I actually bought appetizer plates for this go around. Shameful but true, I went to several places looking for the perfect napkins.
* Menu- What are you cooking(with me its everything) and what are you buying. Carve out time to make your stuff.

Menu planning is always the hardest for me. I love to cook and try to mix up my food with new and old recipes. Because I cook everything myself, I have to allow more time for shopping and cooking. After planning the menu, I look around my kitchen to see what I have and what I need to buy. I try to cook a few things the day before, so I am not doing a mad dash the day of the party.

Each day, I do a couple of things to get ready for the party. I call this party prep work. I bring up chairs from the basement. Set out wine. Wash the wine glasses and platters. Clean a room. Everything you can do ahead of time saves you time the day of the party.

I make a list of what things I need to do last minute. This usually entails table setting, and cleaning. We all have little things that can slip through the cracks.

As I said, I made it with five minutes to spare this time! I got thrown a few curve balls during the day with client phone calls, but I made it happen.


And now I have to contend with all the dishes.

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