A Guideline For Purging Your Clothes

This one is always tough. Whether is the guilt of unworn clothing or things that don’t fit, purging your closet can be a big challenge. A stylist once told me that everything in your closet should be your cut, color, and size. It also should be your “A” game. Everything in your closet should be something that you love and would wear at a moments notice.

Now how many of us really have a closet like that? Its very rare. So here are some guidelines to help you purge your closet.

1. If it doesn’t fit- it must split!! You don’t have to give it away or consign it, but take it out of your prime space. Containerize it until you are able to wear it again. These clothes can be stored under the bed, in another closet, or in the basement or attic.

2. If you don’t love it, let it go. I call this the “PMS” purchase. When we buy something on a whim and it doesn’t work for us. Its better to admit defeat and either consign or donate it.

3. If its worn or torn it should be retired. Yes, I am so guilty of this one. I wear my work clothes and shoes way too long.

4. Is the style still wearable or outdated? Do you still have those sweaters with big flowers on them. Time to let them go.

5. Also, go through your shoes. The city is pretty hard on shoes. Are your heels worn? Is the inside padding gone? Are they beyond repair?

After you have made the first pass, you should organize everything by color and category. Make your closet look like a small boutique. You will have more clarity and a much easier time getting dressed.

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