A Guide To Help You Purge Before Your Move

Moving Sucks! Lets just be honest. I have never had a client meet me at the door with a big smile on moving day. They just want it to be over. I agree!! When I moved, I unpacked in one day. Everything was put away with the exception of the linen cabinet because I needed bins.

No matter how big or small your place is, moving is a process. It shouldn’t start the week before. The longer you have lived in your home, the the longer time you need to give yourself to get ready to move. The pre-move purge is the most important part of the process. Here are some tips to help you get prepared for your move!

* Furniture- Its likely that some of your furniture want fit in your new place. So its time to make some hard decisions. There are several options for getting rid of those excess pieces. It you aren’t looking to make money, you can post them on freecycle.org. If you want to sell them yourself, there is craiglist, facebook virtual garage sale, or offer up. Or you can look into consigning them with a local consignment store.

* Lets also look at bathrooms. Do you have the same number in your new home? Do you need those shower curtains and soap dispensers?

* The Kitchen is also a really important area to purge. What is the space in your new kitchen like? Is it time to replace some of your items?

* Clothing is another area to examine, especially if you are moving into another climate. Again, this can be donated or consigned.

* Holiday Decor- This is another must purge item. Will your current decor items fit your new space? Its a good time to condense them.

* Paper- Time to free yourself of all your old taxes- ect!! If you are not paperless, this would be a perfect time to make the change.

The more you purge and prep for your move, the easier it will be for you!!

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