The Three Most Important Areas Of Your Home To Keep Organized

In a perfect world, we would all have perfectly organized homes. Everything would have a place and life would be simple and non chaotic. No so, in the real world. While all areas of the home are really important, there are three areas that are essential to have organized to help you manage and live your life. Here are the three areas of the home that I think should have priority when it comes to organization.

1. The kitchen– This room tends to be the central hub of the house. It can hold many functions besides just meal prep and meal serving. So why is it so important to have this room organized?

* This room needs to be cleaned on a regular basis for sanitary reasons. If everything is put away its easier to clean.
* When the food area/ the refrigerator and the pantry are organized, you will be able to see what you have. If you can’t see what you have, then you will have waste and duplicate buying.
* Its easier to cook in an organized kitchen.
* When everything has a home, you can clean up in a quick manner.

2. The office/paper center-Paper management is essential to the functioning of any home.

* Everyone needs a filing system to capture their important papers.
* You also need an archive system for taxes, closing documents, and other legal items.
* There needs to be a system to handle your action items, I use an accordion file system. Other examples of action items systems are vertical stackers or hanging files in front of your files. You need a defined place to put your incoming paper that needs to be handled. Don’t put it down, put it away. Time and time again I see action items lying around in various areas. They tend to get lost or forgotten.

3. Bedroom closet– Lets get those clothes organized.

* With an organized closet system, you don’t have to rummage through clothes to find something to wear.
* Categorize clothes by style and color. Go dark to like. Make your closet look like a rainbow.
* If your closet is small, consider binning up the off season clothes and only keeping the current seasons clothes in the closet.
* Set your clothes out the night before. There is nothing worse that rummaging through a closet when you are half asleep.

Just a few tips to help you get on the path to being organized and living an organized life.

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