How to Organize Membership Cards

These days, everyone has a deal. Everyone has a preferred buyers card. And yes, we all like a deal. If you carry all your frequent buyers cards around, you will end up with “fat wallet” syndrome as I call it. Its just way too much. Or you could use the small cards and attach them to your key chain, and end up with a 5 pound key chain.

A few years ago I took all my cards out of my wallet and put then in a card holder. I left if it my glove compartment and when I went shopping, I simply put it in my purse.

Now we have an even better way to store our membership cards. Phone App’s. Actually a client turned me on to them. She knew that I wasn’t very techy and asked how I stored my cards. I admitted that I had a separate wallet and kept them in the glove compartment. Sometimes the truth hurts.

She them told me that she uses Stocard to store her cards on her phone. Having just organized my wine on the Vivino App, I was confident that I could get my cards organized.

I found that Card Star and Stocard were the most popular apps. I checked out both of them and they were very user friendly. I ended up using Stocard. It was so easy. All you have to do is push add a card and scan it. Within a matter of minutes, all my cards were uploaded on my phone. Now all those pesky cards are in one place and not taking up space!!

Even though this was a tiny project, it will help save time and space. Its another way to contain much needed information!

Happy Organizing!!

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