Being Safe In A Cluttered Or Hoarded Home

Another day another bruise. Sometimes work can be a battlefield. Many times I have come home from jobs with some new body art. Yep, I get a little bumped around. When working in a severely cluttered or hoarded space, its important to create a safe environment. The last job I did, a well meaning mother in law kept pulling items out and was the cause of my latest bump. It wasn’t pretty.

Here are some tips to create a safe work environment.

* Create pathways through the home. Keep these areas clear for movement.

* Its essential to make sure that the doorways aren’t blocked. In an emergency you will need them.

* Create a staging area. If you are packing or box sorting, you will need to have a staging area. Set up a room for staging or a wall of a room will work as well. Make sure you label all the boxes.

* Remove donations, trash, and recycle each day. You don’t want to touch things twice. The more items you are able to move out of the home, the more clarity you will have.

* Encourage your friend or family member to cease all purchasing while you are working on the house.

* Clear one space at a time.

Working in these environments can be a challenge. I can’t stress enough how important it is to create space for safe working. Also its essential to wear good work gloves when you are sorting. You never know what you are going to find in those piles.

Be safe and help change a life for the better.

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