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How to Organize Membership Cards

These days, everyone has a deal. Everyone has a preferred buyers card. And yes, we all like a deal. If you carry all your frequent buyers cards around, you will end up with “fat wallet” syndrome as I call it. Its just way too much. Or you could use the small cards and attach them... Read more »

The Do's and Don'ts of Downsizing A Home

Downsizing. A word that has become very common in our lives today. I am seeing more and more people downsize. This could be due to retirement, divorce, or the need to liquidate your funds. Whatever your reason for changing your space, there is a right and a wrong way to downsize your home. Here are... Read more »

Being Safe In A Cluttered Or Hoarded Home

Another day another bruise. Sometimes work can be a battlefield. Many times I have come home from jobs with some new body art. Yep, I get a little bumped around. When working in a severely cluttered or hoarded space, its important to create a safe environment. The last job I did, a well meaning mother... Read more »

How I Learned to Say No; Being Realistic About My Time

After another crazy summer, trying to accommodate an overfull plate, I realized things have to change. I can’t be everything to everyone anymore. I am entering a new territory in life- saying no! I am letting go of being the “Go to Gal” and focusing more on what I want to do and it feels... Read more »

The Three Most Important Areas Of Your Home To Keep Organized

In a perfect world, we would all have perfectly organized homes. Everything would have a place and life would be simple and non chaotic. No so, in the real world. While all areas of the home are really important, there are three areas that are essential to have organized to help you manage and live... Read more »