The Sanctuary of Living In A Small Space

For the last two years my neighbors radiators have leaked into my condo unit.  Life on the first floor is grand. This time not only did I get some ceiling damage but black lines appeared on my wood floor. After two insurance inspections and a mold inspector, it was determined that it was wood rot! It looks just like mold though. Let the fun begin.

So now I was on the other side of the coin- looking for a contractor. Referrals are the best way to go! Just my luck, the guy was leaving on a 10 day vacation then had three huge jobs. So we agreed to touch base in two weeks. When I called him Friday morning, he said he could do it Monday. Somehow I made it through three jobs, two social events and a mountain of laundry.

Before I knew it, I was packing up the Rav4 and moving to a hotel. The insurance company put me and the crazy cats up in a “nice northshore hotel”- the Holiday Inn in Skokie. I had the unfortunate timing to arrive the same time as a wedding celebration. Tired and sweating, I had to wheel the cats and then the litter boxes through lobby/reception area to get to my room. I am sure they are still traumatized.

So I entered my simple small “pet friendly” room.  My kitchen was a small shelf with a microwave and a small refrigerator. About 1.5 feet to your left, is the tv. Below the tv is a small dresser. Down the wall another 2 feet is a small desk with a chair. The opposite wall has the king side bed and two night stands.  And yes, there is a bathroom. The under the counter space was perfect for the litter boxes. Gone are the chairs and couches when you bring the critters!

I thought I would feel closed in after leaving my two bedroom condo. The truth is, I love this tiny space. Everything I need is located in one small space. I don’t have to clean. If I need something I simply reach over or walk a few steps( My fitbit is going to be at a huge loss this week). I brought only the things I need. I am taking a break from the “stuff”. Its really zen.

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