Simplify Your Life Week 2015- Prepping Your Life

There are so many ways that we can simplify our lives. Its a matter of finding out what works for us in our daily routine.  One of my favorite things is to “prep” my life.  I simply prepare for activities and upcoming tasks. Here are some ways I “prep” for my life. I stage or set things out that I am going to need. This applies to clothing, meals, or running errands.

1. I set my clothes out the night before.  This saves quite a bit of time. I don’t have to rummage through things to find something to wear i nthe morning before I have that glass of coffee or tea.

2. If I am cooking dinner that night, I stage my ingredients(non perishable), bowls, and recipe on the counter.

3. For summer fun, I get out my cooler bag and pack up the non perishable items a few days before. The day of the event, I just have to pack the food and head out the door.

4. I keep a magnetic grocery list on the refrigerator and add items to it during the week. This way I never forget items I need at the store,

5. My work bag is always loaded and ready to go. I simply add the client invoice in that morning.

6. I have everything that needs to go with me in the morning in a “landing” area, whether it be a return or letter to mail. When I am walking out the door, I simply scoop them up.

Anything you can do to “prep” or pre- plan in your life will have you save time or simply it!! Think about it!!

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