How To Organize Your Wine Cellar; The Vivino Way

Yup, I am that gal at the wine store that is chatting with the wine manager about some great wine that I just tried. I try to remember the name and describe the bottle. He is trying to look it up online and shaking his head (I would never tell him I am an organizer).

Last week one of these wonderful head shaking wine managers told me to get Vivino app on my phone. He said I needed to keep a catalog or list of what I liked. All I had to do was snap a picture of the bottle and the app would do the rest.

This was a new experience for me. I have never had anyone tell me that I an not organized. So I went home and downloaded the app. They kept emailing me to get started. Hey, its busy season in the organizing world. Last night I went down to my wine cellar to grab a bottle of wine and a scanned a few bottled. I was hooked. Never again will there be a wine manager shaking his head and doing a mad search for my wine.

You simply scan a picture of the wine label. It immediately pops up on the app. It shows you the rating, and type of wine it is. It also breaks it down into these categories for you:

* Regional Style
* Grape
* Country
* Food Pairing
* Type- red, white, or blend.

For a monthly fee, you it will manage your whole wine cellar for you. For my needs, I just need to keep an inventory of what I like so I don’t drive the boys at Binny’s crazy. Its a win win for everyone. This non-technical chick found it very easy to use.

So instead of getting my emission test done this morning, I am going to scan the rest of my wine cellar!!

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