How To Organize A Garage Sale

Summer the time for cookouts, vacations, and garage sales. You heard it! Yesterday I was clearing out a garage and people kept driving by asking if we were having a sale. Everyone is always out looking for a deal. Especially when it comes to kids toys. As they say one mans junk is another mans treasure.

While your garage sale might get a lot of traffic, you need to maximize  your sales. There are several different types of people that come to garage sales.

1. Bargain Seekers- Those people that love a good deal and will buy almost anything

2.Treasure Seekers- People looking for things of value that you think are trash and selling for pennies

3. Mommy Shoppers- Mothers seeking good deals on kids toys or clothes

The more organized you are, the quicker people will be able to view what you are selling and  make purchases. Here are some tips on how to organize your garage sale.

* Categorize your items.

* Use long tables to display your home decor and kitchen stuff.

* Use bins or boxes to sort categories. Clearly label the outside of the bin. Instead of pricing each item in the bin, have a bin price. If its kids clothes, you can say $2 for each item.

* Keep your pricing simple. Don’t spend hour upon hour trying to price things. People are expecting t0 pay pennies for your stuff at a garage sale.

* Have a few people helping you. Instead of using a cash box, wear fanny packs that  you keep your change inside. Each person should have a zone or area that they are responsible for.

* Make sure your post the hours of your sale on your signs and advertisements. If not, people will literally show up at 7 am.

* Pre sort and stage as much as you can the night before.

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