Getting Your Tasks Done With Task Rabbit

I pride myself on being a DIY expert. I even installed a new toilet last Sunday. It was actually pretty simple. So when I had my floors done, I was stumped at how I was going to move back all the furniture. I actually got to work and was able to move half of the pieces myself. The other half were still an issue.

I remembered a few of my clients told me that they used task rabbit to help them with odd jobs. Well, this was one of them. I am not used to reaching out for things. I went on the website to check it out. I was desperate. Within a matter of minutes, I had joined, and submitted a request and picked my “rabbit” to help me.

I liked the fact that they had pictures and reviews of the person. They also try and match you with people that are close to your neighborhood. After submitting my task, and picking my helper, I received a email that he would contact me via web chat. That was also done very promptly.

Done, done, and done. This process was so simple! I liked it!!

Then came the actual task. I had just arrived home and my “task rabbit” showed up 20 minutes early. A man after my own heart. I was unloading my car and he texted that he was outside. I let him in, gave him a few tasks and then finished unloading the car. He immediately went to work. He was quick and efficient and followed directions very well. Within a matter of minutes my place was back to normal.

When you sign up, the billing is all handled online. You don’t have to worry about cash payments. The “task rabbit” simply closes out the job and your credit card is billed.

Would I use this service again? Definately!

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