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How To Organize Your Wine Cellar; The Vivino Way

Yup, I am that gal at the wine store that is chatting with the wine manager about some great wine that I just tried. I try to remember the name and describe the bottle. He is trying to look it up online and shaking his head (I would never tell him I am an organizer).... Read more »

Getting Your Tasks Done With Task Rabbit

I pride myself on being a DIY expert. I even installed a new toilet last Sunday. It was actually pretty simple. So when I had my floors done, I was stumped at how I was going to move back all the furniture. I actually got to work and was able to move half of the... Read more »

How To Organize A Garage Sale

Summer the time for cookouts, vacations, and garage sales. You heard it! Yesterday I was clearing out a garage and people kept driving by asking if we were having a sale. Everyone is always out looking for a deal. Especially when it comes to kids toys. As they say one mans junk is another mans... Read more »

The Sanctuary of Living In A Small Space

For the last two years my neighbors radiators have leaked into my condo unit.  Life on the first floor is grand. This time not only did I get some ceiling damage but black lines appeared on my wood floor. After two insurance inspections and a mold inspector, it was determined that it was wood rot!... Read more »

Simplify Your Life Week 2015- Prepping Your Life

There are so many ways that we can simplify our lives. Its a matter of finding out what works for us in our daily routine.  One of my favorite things is to “prep” my life.  I simply prepare for activities and upcoming tasks. Here are some ways I “prep” for my life. I stage or... Read more »

Simplify Your Life Week 2015, Top Tips From A Professional Organizer

This is my favorite holiday besides Christmas. Simplify your life week. As an organizer, I am always looking for ways to simplify my crazy busy non stop life. Anything I can do to save a few minutes, makes me happy. Here are some of the things that I do to simplify my life. Enjoy!! 1.... Read more »

Little Pockets of Time- How To Use Them Efficiently

Summer is my crazy busy season. Between work and social fun, there isn’t much time to get things done. As with any real life, things are always falling on my plate that need to be done. All I have are little pockets of time to keep me afloat. Every night before I go to bed,... Read more »