The Konmari Method And Its Effect On Organizing- Does It Really Work

For months, clients and potential clients have been quoting from the book – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Some people even think its imperative that I read it. The truth is, that this chick chick or frugal freddy had it on hold at the library and was waiting her turn. Yup, it was so popular that it took three months to get it.

Then, finally it was my turn to read this magical book. Being a busy gal, I read it before work, after work, and in between jobs. It was a quick and easy read. I was done in two days. Then I sat back and took it all in.

I love that the book was written in layman’s terms. It was an easy read and broken down into bite size categories. I would read a few chapters then take a break to absorb it.

1. I love the fact that she recommends a reorganization of the whole home. It doesn’t mean that the whole home needs to be done but you involve the whole home. I think its important to do a walk through of the house to see what potential it has. There are so many times that I have found space in other areas to move things. You need to look at the whole picture. For example, there are things that need to be accessible and things that can be in colder storage.

2. 90% is mindset. This one really hits home!! YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE RIGHT MINDSET TO MAKE CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE. If you are not ready, or not willing to participate, it won’t work. I can tell the first five minutes that I am in someones home if they are ready to make changes to their life or space. Its all about attitude.

3. Keep only things that spark joy. Again, I love this one!! I am very into Feng Shui and this falls right along those lines. When we look at things, they make us feel a certain way. You want to surround yourself with happiness and good memories.

4. Work on one category at a time. Don’t bounce around from room to room. You need to see a finished area or project at the end of a session. Doing a little of this and a little of that, won’t give you that wow factor.

5. Downgrading clothes to lounge wear is a no no! I loved this fact that Mari pointed out in her book. She is point on!! I have seen many people end up with way too much comfy clothes/lounge wear. How many of us really spend our time lounging about during the day?

6. Designate a spot for everything one time. When you constantly play the organizing shuffle, you waste time and energy. Find your stuff a home and let it be!

7. Pursue simple solutions. I could not agree more on this one. The more complicated you make your solutions, the harder it is to maintain them.

8. Backsliding- This is the one area that I disagree with Marie. If you are working with someone that is disorganized due to time or space, there is more of a chance that they will keep up your systems. If there is a chronic disorganization problem, there is a hug chance, there will be some backsliding and tweeking needed. Not everyone can change their ways the first time.

Marie’s book is a great motivator. It gives you a simple method to get yourself on the track to organization!! Its a must read!

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