The Essential Tools Of A Business Owner

Last Friday I was home waiting patiently, between jobs, for a contractor to come over and evaluate my hardwood floors. The guy called twice and was lost. When I gave him directions again, he could not find my place for 40 minutes, then I had to flag him down. He came in with nothing to write with or on. I wanted to scream at this point.

First impressions are essential for the business owner. Most times, people are looking at more than one service provider before they make a decision. One or two little slip ups will will deter you in getting hired.

* Show up on time for your appointment. Plan you route before you leave. If you don’t have a good sense of direction, have a garmin or tom tom. Smart phones also have several apps to help you find your way.

* Carry a pad of paper and pen to take notes about the potential project.

* If the appointment requires a proposal, advise your potential client when you will get back to them. The early bird gets the worm.

* Have your calendar out and ready to schedule an appointment if necessary.

* Show them examples of your work. Advise them of your credentials.

Remember that its important to bring your “A” game to each appointment!!

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