Simple Tips to Help You Unpack Your Home

Its moving season. I have been slicing and dicing boxes like crazy. Unpacking kitchens, closets, and even setting up toy rooms. If its in your budget, you can hire a team of organizers to set up your place in a few days, if not, with a little pre-planning, you can do it yourself.

The first thing to do is purge. When you decide to move, give yourself time to go through your home room by room. What will work in your new space? What do you need to sell or donate?

The next thing is to pack it all up. Pack like with like. Don’t throw boxes together without any thought. It makes it so much easier to unpack, when you know what is in your boxes.

Make sure you clearly label what is in the boxes. Also, label what room it should go into. I have seen many people label what room it came from but its going to a different space in the new home. If its for the office, just label office. You don’t want your box to say “office-second floor” when your new office space is in the basement or somewhere else. The movers will get confused and the boxes will not be placed in the correct space.

Pack a separate suitcase with clothing and toiletries for a few days. This way you won’t have to make a mad dash to open all your boxes at once.

Start with the kitchen. This is the center of the home. It will also take the longest to unpack. There are a lot of items to unwrap. Try to locate your basics such as dinner plates, glasses, and silverware to put away. These daily items should be stored as close to the dishwasher as possible for easy loading and unloading. Since every kitchen is different, you need to see what you have before you start randomly putting in cabinets. You need to stage the items by category and then evaluate the cabinet space.

Then most people are off to unpack the bedrooms and bathrooms. Bedroom and closet dressers are pretty self explanatory. If you closet is smaller, you might need to pack your off season clothes.

Next up is the hall closet, dining room, living room and family area. Stage pictures and in the areas in which they belong until you have time to properly accessorize your space.

Make sure that the items you are going to put in storage- basement or attic are properly binned up and labeled before your move. This should be a quick and easy set up.

And most importantly- enjoy your new space!!

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