Simple Steps To Help You Clear Out A Home During A Divorce

They say one in two marriages end in divorce. Its not something any of us want to think about in our future. But if we are forced to travel down that fork in the road, we have a lot of things to deal with besides emotions-THE STUFF.

The longer you have been in your home, and the bigger that it is, the more stuff you probably have. We all spread out and fill up our space. Its human nature.

Breaking down a home can be worse than breaking a heart.There are so many decisions to be made. Who gets what? Do we sell or donate? Here are some steps to help you in the process:

* First of all make decisions on the big items. Go through each room and and decide what furniture you want to take. Whatever is left over should be sold or donated.

* Next up clothing- This should be pretty easy. Go ahead and pack your own clothes. Its also a great time to purge things that are no longer useful.

* The kitchen can be a little challenging. Don’t split up sets of dishes, glasses, ect. That will only leave one partner with a set of non-functional items. This room can take awhile due to all the little items. If you don’t have an interest in cooking, let your partner take the kitchen stuff. And for those coffee lovers out there, one of you may need to get a new Kerig! It happens.

* Wedding gifts and such- What to do about the china and crystal? In all my years organizing, I have only seen one man take the china- and he later sold it. Is one of you attached to it, then take it. If it has been sitting in a cabinet for years, then consider selling it.

* Holiday decor- The only thing I have seen split up are the ornaments. Will you be able to use all your decor in your new space?

* Tools and garage items- Depending on your new space, you might not need all the items that you currently have. Again, consider your new space when making decisions.

* Pack while you go. Before you start this process or breaking down a home, stock up on boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper. Do one room at a time then move onto the next one.

It can be a hard process but the most important thing is to respect each other and your belongings.

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