Seasonal Organization- Put That Holiday Stuff Away

When helping clients get organized, I always find a few pieces of holiday stuff. That ornament that didn’t make the box or that decoration that was forgotten and still hanging on the wall. The left over holiday items that lay in a pile. Lets not forget the holiday linen that is taking up much needed space in your linen closet. And those Halloween baskets that you could not wrangle away from the kids.

My thoughts- put it all away. If you use it once a year, it should not be in your PRIME SPACE. It should be in “cold” storage. By cold storage, I mean somewhere that isn’t in front of you. This could be in a basement, attic, under the stairs or in a garage.

Another tip on putting away holiday storage is to make sure that you are storing it properly. Its worth getting bins that stack to save space. Don’t fall into that maniac after the holiday put away mode! Take your time when packing up your stuff. As with any other organizing project, put like with like. I have found that some people like to color code their holiday bins. The most important thing is to label your containers. It makes it so much easier when unpacking.

When you are decorating for the holiday, its a good time to evaluate your items. Decorations tend to be fragile and at times don’t have the longest shelf life. What still works in your home? Is it faded and broken? Do you still need those house lights? What don’t you use anymore? When decorating for the holiday, its a perfect time to evaluate what you need and don’t need. This is especially true when your space changes.

Happy Organizing!!

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