Quantity And Usuage- Determining What You Need

I was at a pool party on the third of July when a lady complimented me on my sarong. It was a purchase that I got on a vacation in Mexico years ago. I told her that I wished I had bought a few more. Then I thought about it.

Even though its quite pretty, I am not the kind of gal that lounges at the pool. Did I really need a collection of sarongs? That got me to thinking- quantity and usage- two things that should go together. Since I rarely hang out the pool or beach, it would be a waste of stuff and space for me to have a collection of sarongs.

I see this a lot in the homes that I work in. We have too many items in one category that aren’t used on a regular basis. Sometimes we buy because we like it, other times we buy due to the price, or we think we need it.

So when stocking up on things, ask yourself:

* How often do I use this category?
* Do I have the space for it?
* Can it be reused or does it need washing?

We all have different needs. No one would probably believe that I have a large collection of black t shirts. Its not because I love black t shirts, its simply my work uniform. There are days that I get dirty and have to change in between jobs.

And don’t be afraid to retire categories that you no longer need. When I left corporate america, I got rid of all my suits. What a happy day that was for me!! Out with the suits, in with the t shirts.

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