Paying To Have Your Child Organized- The Benefits

Last week I organized three kids rooms for three different clients. I had a lot of fun helping the kids create and define their space. At the end of the day, all of us were excited at the results- parents, kids, and me!! It was a win win.

So would you pay to have your kids space organized? Lets talk about this one.

As a frustrated parent, you see a mess. An organizer sees categories.

An organizer will analyze all your child’s needs for the space and then set up “zones” for the room. What activities besides sleeping and dressing need to be incorporated in the space? Does your child need a craft area, reading nook, or lego area? What toys are no longer age appropriate?

Then comes the clothes. Unless they are told, kids don’t know what to do with clothes that don’t fit them. Many times, kids will shove them in a pile or the bottom of a drawer. In order to keep things organized, its important to have them purge their closet each season. Evict the worn out and the non fitting clothes.

Its also essential to involve the child in the decision making process. As with working with adults, I give the children ideas and choices that will work in their space. Beforehand, I also discuss with their parents what the budget is for supplies. Many times, items need to be containerized to save space.

I have also found that many kids feel comfy with a third party. They like the feeling of control and being able to make all their own decisions with a little guidance. If they like the new systems, they will try harder to keep them in place.

I find the failure of a child to maintain organization, is due to lack of systems or no systems in place. Everything needs a home!

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