Chicago To Ban Plastic Bags On August 1, 2015

As of August 1, I won’t be getting any more strange stares at the Marianos. Yes, I am that chick that is constantly bringing in a ton of plastic bags to recycle. The ban on plastic bags will be in Chicago will be in effect.

According to the new city ordinance, all the big box retailers such as Jewel, Walmart, and Target will no longer have plastic bags as an option when you check out. There will only be paper bags or you will be expected to bring your own bags. This law has been in effect in many other American cities as well.

Hey, its not so bad. For the last several years, I have been using reusable bags for my shopping. For the first few months, I found myself forgetting them in my trunk, and constantly running back to the car. Its a habit you need to develop.

Here are some bag choices for you:

costco bags

Costco and Ikea sells these nice big bags. They are durable and fit a lot of stuff. They are perfect for bulk shopping or grocery shopping.

reusable bags

The above are canvas reusable bags.They work really well for smaller shopping trips. They get stained very easily, but will last if you don’t over fill them.

folding bag

The above are small fold up bags. I carry one in my work bag and one in my purse. They are perfect when you are just picking up a couple of things.

The most important thing is to have your bags accessible. If you drive to the grocery store, then you should keep the bags in the trunk of your car. If you walk or ride your bike, then you should keep them in your mudroom or hall closet.

The positive side of this ban- Its better for the environment. Less clutter on our street and in our homes!!

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