Time Saving Tips For Unpacking A New Home

In the summertime, I go from organizing to unpacking homes. Its that time of the year when people rush to get settled before the school year starts. Chicago is a hub for large companies. Each year people move from all over the place to the Windy City. Most of these people are moving from different areas of the country and different types of space.

I can unpack a home in two days. I have done it many times(myself and a crew). There are many things that you front end to make your unpack easier. Here are a few tips.

* Purge before you move. What do you need in your new space. Most people just pack it all and wait till they move in to deal wit the stuff.

* Pack and label for the room that your items are going into not where they are in your current home.

* Make sure every box is clearly labeled.

* Take pictures of your new home and make a plan where you want to put things.

* If your kitchen is smaller, then you need to plan an overflow area for extra kitchen items.

* If your bathroom space changes, purge what you don’t need.

* Do your current curtains go with the new home? Do you need those shower curtains?

The more prep work you are able to do, the better. This will make unpacking so much easier. Think about where things should go in your new home and make sure that are put there. Give it some serious thought.

By Packing up your home and not dealing with the stuff beforehand, you will create hours of work for yourself during the unpacking process. I have seen many a frustrated person that is struggling to make their stuff fit a new space!

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