The Work Uniform - Do You Have One

If you read the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune last week, you would have seen the article on “work uniforms.” Studies suggest that by wearing the same thing everyday, you can conserve brainpower, and not have decision fatigue. Oh how I loved this article.

I remember when I first graduated college, getting up early and trying to decide what to wear. It had to be the perfect outfit with all matching accessories (its a Texas thing). Every morning, I got up and started to rifle through the closet. Sometimes trying on several different outfits.

Gone our those days. I fall into the category of Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs. I wear practically the same thing everyday. Yup. This once fashionable gal now has a collection of jeans or cargo pants and black t shirts. It makes sense to dress like this for my job. Sometimes I look in the mirror and just laugh. And all those perfectly match suits, were consigned or donated when I left the corporate world.

So what are the benefits of having a “work uniform”?

* Time Savings- I don’t have to think and evaluate what I wear each day. I simply set out clothes the night before.

* My “work uniform” is all machine washable. I save a fortune on dry cleaning.

* It works for my job. Some of my clients even laugh and try to guess how many black t shirts I own.

* My closet it more streamlined.

Are you still spending hours per week trying to decide what to wear to work? Think about streamlining your wardrobe and creating a “work uniform”. It will not only save you time but money. Who wants to have to make decisions in the morning before your first cup of coffee!!

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