Setting Up Systems For The Sitter

You not only share your home with your spouse and your kids, but your sitter/nanny as well. In order to keep your home running smoothly, its important to understand what they need and to keep them advised of your organizational systems. Here are some tips to help you share space.

1. Food- make sure that they know what your kids like to eat. If you have a pantry, I suggest having a shelf of kids food and snacks. Make sure this is clearly labeled.

2. Diaper/Activity Bag- Have a bag set up for them to use. Make sure this bag is filled with everything that they need to have a day out with your child. Also set up an overflow area that contains items to the items they need to refill the bag. This way they won’t have to go looking for things. I like a basket for this purpose or an over the door organizer. Fill it will the appropriate items and label the pockets.

3. Clothing- Make sure your sitter knows where your kids clothes are stored. Many sitters/nanny’s are responsible for washing and putting away clothes. Labeling the inside of the drawers will be a big help.

4. Toys-No one wants to come home to a home where toys are all over the place. Containerize and label your toy area. If everything has a place, then it will be easier to clean up.

5.Arts and Crafts- Set up an arts and crafts station for your kids. Consider using rolling carts to store and organize the craft items. Label each drawer.

6. Emergency phone numbers- make sure that you have emergency phone numbers listed. Also if your child has any allergies, make sure your provide a list to your sitter as well.

When your first hire your sitter/nanny, give them a tour of your home. Advise them about the systems you have set up to help them function in your home and with your children. The better systems you have in place, the easier it will be for both of you!!

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