Organizing Fail- Are You Constantly Creating New Systems

Never satisfied with the way your home looks or functions? Do you find yourself browsing through the container store or the organizing sections at big box stores such as Target? Do you love to create new systems? Is there a new way to do things? Are you always on the look out for the newest products?

Before you bring the next bin or basket into your home or office-STOP!! Do you really need to change systems. Lets think about it.

1. Constantly changing systems requires time? Do you have the time or money to spend redoing your place?

2. When you constantly move things and change your systems, there are things that end up homeless. You may gain a little space in an area and lose it in another.

3. Lets not forget the container pile. I see it all the time. The pile of extra bins and baskets. You won’t get rid of them because they cost money. They end up holding random items or collecting dust in a corner.

My motto- Do it once and do it right. Even as an organizer, I don’t reorganize. When I moved into my condo, I set up systems- all which are still in place. In four years, I have tweaked a few cabinets in the kitchen- that is it!

So next time you get the organizing itch, take a step back. Is this a space you are reorganizing? Does this space already have good systems in place and just needs a tweaking? Is this a new project?

Spending time recreating the wheel takes you away from other important activities in life. How do you want to spend your time? Will redoing this space give you more time or efficiency in the long run. Or will it take more time to learn a new system?

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