Keeping The Craft Room Crafty Not Crappy

All of us crafters like a good deal.Two years ago I bought these great teal beads on sale. They were going to make the perfect necklace. They are still sitting in my beading container. And so goes the life of a crafter. We find it on sale, bring it home, and sometimes it just sits.

I organize a lot of craft rooms. Sewing, quilting, beading and lets not forget scrapbooking. When all is said and done, there is always a donate pile. We all love those sale items. Here are some tips on how to keep your craft room in order.

* Keep your craft items organized by category. Everything should be contained and labeled. I love clear bins that stack.

* Have an area or container that you can use for current projects.

* Don’t buy things because of the price. Buy things that you know you will use.

* When your friends give you craft items, take only what you will use. Donate the rest.

* Evaluate your supplies on a quarterly basis.

* Don’t leave half done projects sitting around. Finish them or donate them.

* Don’t start too many craft projects at once. Having too many things going at once will cause you to lose your focus.

* Eliminate any types of crafting that you no longer choose to create.

And the most important thing, make it pretty. Paint, it shelf it, make your craft area a place that inspires you to create.

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