Creating Space or Creating A Mess- The Art Of Cramming For Space

Nothing makes me want to cry more that seeing shelves, a drawer, or a cabinet that is crammed full of stuff. Stuff that you can’t properly see and is just shoved into a space and not categorized. Yes, cramming is a national pastime. I see it everywhere. I, the “non crammer” have been told on many occasion that I am not filling up the shelves enough.

So lets talk about the art of cramming. Are you really saving space or just making a mess? Here is what I think.

Yes, you are able to fit a few extra items in your space, but:

* Can you properly see the items? If not, this will cause duplicate buying.

* Are you mixing categories that have nothing to do with each other?

* Are you putting items in a space that doesn’t make sense and you will later forget that they are there.

* Even worse, are these categories shoved in baskets or bins? Are they labeled so you know what you have in them?

* Do you have multiple people sharing your space that need to know where to find things?

I am a very visual person. I think have the problem of organizing is not being able to see what you have and having a defined space for everything. Other reasons that I am not a fan of the “cram” include:

* Its a battle to get anything out and put it away.

* There is no system- its wherever things will fit.

While we are all obsessed with trying to find that extra inch of space, remember the flip side. In the long run, you could potentially be creating a mess. Think about it!!

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