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The Worst Boss In The World- Yourself

As I look back at all the boss’ that I have had in the past, I would give myself the crown as the worst one. As a small business owner, you really push yourself. Growing and maintaining a business takes a lot of work and dedication. Sometimes you have to give up parts of yourself... Read more »

Keeping The Craft Room Crafty Not Crappy

All of us crafters like a good deal.Two years ago I bought these great teal beads on sale. They were going to make the perfect necklace. They are still sitting in my beading container. And so goes the life of a crafter. We find it on sale, bring it home, and sometimes it just sits.... Read more »

Setting Up Systems For The Sitter

You not only share your home with your spouse and your kids, but your sitter/nanny as well. In order to keep your home running smoothly, its important to understand what they need and to keep them advised of your organizational systems. Here are some tips to help you share space. 1. Food- make sure that... Read more »

Time Saving Tips For Unpacking A New Home

In the summertime, I go from organizing to unpacking homes. Its that time of the year when people rush to get settled before the school year starts. Chicago is a hub for large companies. Each year people move from all over the place to the Windy City. Most of these people are moving from different... Read more »

Creating Space or Creating A Mess- The Art Of Cramming For Space

Nothing makes me want to cry more that seeing shelves, a drawer, or a cabinet that is crammed full of stuff. Stuff that you can’t properly see and is just shoved into a space and not categorized. Yes, cramming is a national pastime. I see it everywhere. I, the “non crammer” have been told on... Read more »

Things to Ponder When Designing a Kitchen

I have seen many a kitchen in my time. From huge mansions to small condos. And you want to know a secret- most of them are not 100% functional. They sure are pretty though. With that being said, I feel that kitchens are the most challenging rooms to organize. There are no cookie cutter solutions.... Read more »

Organizing Fail- Are You Constantly Creating New Systems

Never satisfied with the way your home looks or functions? Do you find yourself browsing through the container store or the organizing sections at big box stores such as Target? Do you love to create new systems? Is there a new way to do things? Are you always on the look out for the newest... Read more »

The Work Uniform - Do You Have One

If you read the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune last week, you would have seen the article on “work uniforms.” Studies suggest that by wearing the same thing everyday, you can conserve brainpower, and not have decision fatigue. Oh how I loved this article. I remember when I first graduated college, getting up early... Read more »

The Wild Ride Of A Business Owner- 11 Years Strong

Eleven years ago today, I started my business. I remember staying up late and sitting at the computer with my boyfriend at the time, designing business cards and a website. It was the scariest thing that I have even done. I literally didn’t sleep for three days. Its been one wild ride. I love it,... Read more »