Quickbooks- The Key To Managing Your Business

When I first started my business, I mistakenly thought I could pass up the cost of Quickbooks and use an excel spread sheet to keep track of business expenses. That lasted all of a month. I went to Micro Center and slapped down the credit card and walked out with the software. I used the simple start system for 10 years until my computer died. Then I upgraded my Quickbooks system.

Even the most organized person like myself, needs a simple way to keep track of all the invoice and receipts that are coming through the door. Here are some benefits to having a Quickbooks system.

1. You can tie it into your credit cards and just download your expenses. The same holds true for your bank account.

2. At any given moment you can pull up reports on income, client, or profit and loss.

3. At tax time all you have to do is pull up the tax summary. The system practically does your taxes for you.

4. Your invoices look professional.

5. There is a function to track your mileage.

I know that starting a business can be overwhelming and expensive. Been there done that. But Quickbooks is essential. I cant stress the importance of starting out your business on the right foot. It will save you hours and lots of money.

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