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Organizing Your Thoughts- When You Need To Keep A Journal

Unfortunately, during the course of our lifetime, we may be involved in an unpleasant situation which requires us to keep documentation. It could be a crazy neighbor, divorce, or estate proceeding. Whatever it is, we need to keep records to prove our point or case. Its all about clearing your mind and keeping your thoughts... Read more »

How To Set Up A Home Based Business

More and more I am seeing people running business’ out of their home. I have for the last 11 years. There is nothing better than working out of the house. Its a short commute, you can have all the free coffee or tea that you want, and take meetings in your jammies. For the first... Read more »

Clutter Free- Why This Lifestyle Is For Me

My home is my sanctuary. My happy zen place. No matter what type of day I have had, or how long I have worked, I come home to the “little cottage” as I call it. Even in the dead of winter, I feel a touch of spring with the sunny yellow walls and cozy decor.... Read more »

Downsizing From A House to Condo- What You Should Purge

For different reasons and at different times, people choose to downsize from a home to a condo. I have tackled quite a few of these projects in the last 10 years. Do to space constraints, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. With lots of decisions to be made, it can... Read more »

Organizing Your Money- Budgeting For The Unexpected Things In Life

At the beginning of every year, I sit down and write out my goals- personal, professional, and financial. It started off to be a great year- I was kicking ass and taking names. Business was booming. I was in heaven. This was going to be the best year yet! I had a few projects for... Read more »

National Small Business Week- What Its Really Like to Own A Business

We have all met people that own business’ and at one time in our lives have thought- “How Cool is that!!”. And some of us may have dipped into the pond of entrepreneurship and tried our hand at starting a business. Count me in on that one. I never in my most wildest dreams thought... Read more »

Quickbooks- The Key To Managing Your Business

When I first started my business, I mistakenly thought I could pass up the cost of Quickbooks and use an excel spread sheet to keep track of business expenses. That lasted all of a month. I went to Micro Center and slapped down the credit card and walked out with the software. I used the... Read more »