Organizing Your Thoughts- When You Need To Keep A Journal

Unfortunately, during the course of our lifetime, we may be involved in an unpleasant situation which requires us to keep documentation. It could be a crazy neighbor, divorce, or estate proceeding. Whatever it is, we need to keep records to prove our point or case.

Its all about clearing your mind and keeping your thoughts on paper in an organized manner that will be useful to you and the others that need your information. The most important thing is to have everything documented in one place. If you are a random note taker, you need to change your ways.

* Decide what method you want to keep your information. Some people prefer keeping it electronically and others via a spiral notebook.

* Make sure your method of choice is accessible. You never know when things may happen that you need to record.

* When recording your information, make sure that you date and time of the incidents you need to record. Record your information as soon as an event occurs. Give full details.

* Keep your journal in a safe spot. Make sure that a close and trusted friend knows where you keep it.

When we are going through challenging times, thoughts swirl around in our minds. Its important to clear your mind and put it down on paper or in an electronic format. This will help you in the long run if you ever have to use your information to your benefit.

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