Organizing Your Money- Budgeting For The Unexpected Things In Life

At the beginning of every year, I sit down and write out my goals- personal, professional, and financial. It started off to be a great year- I was kicking ass and taking names. Business was booming. I was in heaven. This was going to be the best year yet! I had a few projects for the condo and I was gonna just save, save, save!!

Then boom- it became the year of the breakdown. I was hit with a multitude of unexpected bills. It started when some wonderful person in Bucktown decided to bash in my fender while I was having dinner with friends. Then a month later on my birthday I woke up to a dead refrigerator. My computer, dishwasher, cell phone, and microwave all felt the need to leave me as well. I was really feeling unloved at this point. So much for saving all that moolah!!

If and when you get hit with unexpected bills, don’t panic!!

1. Can the item be repaired? I was able to repair my refrigerator for $300 vs buying a new one. Yeah me.

2. Did you get lucky and your item crashed around a prime time for sales? My computer made it till just before Black Friday I was able to get a great deal on the computer and the software. Not to mention the six months no interest on the credit card. My dishwasher left the fold around presidents day which is a great time for appliance purchases.

3. As far as the phone goes, I called my provider and was eligible for an upgrade. It cost a one dollar!

4. For the car, I got a few quotes. I them went to my favorite repair shop. It turns out if you pay cash, they cut a nice percentage off the bill. Good to know. That will also work with contractors as well. Always ask for a cash price!!

Here is some additional advice on paying for things!!

1. Ask if they have financing. Sears and Micro Center had six months no interest for purchases. I simply broke down the payments into six and will have my stuff paid off in time with no interest.

2. Most regular credit cards such as chase offer specials for no interest on purchases or balance transfers(this was tough for a gal who was raised to always pay cash).

3. Don’t forget to use app’s such as Retail Me Not. They will provide you with in store or online savings.

In four more months all should be paid off. I kept myself on budget by paying small no interest payments. The only things I had to lay out the cash for was the car repair.

Good luck! Remember budgeting is essential!!

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