How To Set Up A Home Based Business

More and more I am seeing people running business’ out of their home. I have for the last 11 years. There is nothing better than working out of the house. Its a short commute, you can have all the free coffee or tea that you want, and take meetings in your jammies. For the first six years of my business, I lived in a small one bedroom apartment and worked out of a corner of my living room.

Living in that tiny space allowed me to start a business, and keep it afloat while paying low rent. It was a good decision but there were some down sides. My office space was in between my living and dining area. After I shut down the work day, it was still in my prime living area. I found myself constantly thinking about work.

Fast forward- after six years, I bought a condo with a second bedroom. The first thing I did was set up my office. My second bedroom is a dedicated office for my business. Since my business is paper and supply light, I only need a few essentials to run it. I keep a container in my trunk with my organizing supplies.

When setting up your home office consider these tips!

1. Running a small business takes a lot of time. You need to make it a space that you are happy to spend time in. Whether you are setting up in a basement, or extra bedroom, make sure that you are comfortable in it!! I am a very visual person and it was important to me to have a nice space. I painted, bought some curtains, and made some bulletin boards.

office pic

2. How much space do you need? I am lucky in the fact that I have minimal supplies (postit and labels-that is about it). If you need to keep an inventory, set up some shelving. Keep like with like.

3. What office supplies do you need? Make space for these as well.

4. Do you need an area to meet with client or will you be taking meetings off site?

5. Lets talk office furniture. Time and time again I hear people complain about their desks. Think how you work before you decide on a desk. Is your business mainly online or do you need have a lot of paper items that you need to work from? If you are working on many different projects at once, you may need a shelf or some type of filing system to contain them.

6. How much paper storage do you need? How much hard copy items do you have?

These are all things to consider when setting up a home based business. The most important thing is to set up your space before you start the business. Take the time to set it up. Once you start your business, you will have plenty of other things to do!! Good luck!!

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