Downsizing From A House to Condo- What You Should Purge

For different reasons and at different times, people choose to downsize from a home to a condo. I have tackled quite a few of these projects in the last 10 years. Do to space constraints, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. With lots of decisions to be made, it can be very time consuming.

First of all make a plan. Start with the furniture. What will fit in your new place? This is the easy part. Then sell, donate, or freecycle the rest of the stuff. Once the big pieces are out, you will have room for packing, sorting, and staging.

Then go room by room and start the sorting/purging process.

* How many bathrooms does your new place have? Do you need those shower curtains, soap dishes ect?

* Lets talk linens. Take only what you need for your current beds.

* Decor- What is precious to you and what do you want to display?? Do you want to give certain items to family members?

* Books- Its time to take stock and par down to what you really need or want to keep. There are places like open books which will come and pick up your books for donate or Stick Figure Books or Half Price Books that will purchase them.

* Holiday decor- Chances are, you have a lot of this stuff. Many of my clients have bins for each season. Based on your new space and storage, what do you have room to take with you?

* Take out menus and phone books- This is an easy purge. If you are moving to a new neighborhood or town, this can go!

* Garage- If you are moving to a condo from a home, you can clear out that garage. You won’t need that weed wacker or lawn mower anymore. Put together a tool box of essentials for your new place. The rest of the items can be donated or sold.

I hope this tips help you get ready for your move! Enjoy your new place!!
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