Clutter Free- Why This Lifestyle Is For Me

My home is my sanctuary. My happy zen place. No matter what type of day I have had, or how long I have worked, I come home to the “little cottage” as I call it. Even in the dead of winter, I feel a touch of spring with the sunny yellow walls and cozy decor. Everything has a home and there is no clutter to be found.

Tuesday was not the case. Due to a client being sick, I ended up with the day off. I looked at the paint cans sitting in the corner and knew what I had to do. I had some water damage in my place due to the upstairs neighbors not fixing their radiator. The damage caused a spot on the ceiling and wall, along with some cracked walls. There was also some slight damage to my master closet. Yeah me!!


So I picked up the spackle and paint brush and went to work. Before I started my projects, I had to remove everything in the living room. I shoved everything in the kitchen and bedroom. I also emptied my closet of all my clothes. They found a home on chairs, the floor, and the bed. It wasn’t pretty.

At the end of the day, I was able to put the living room back together. All was neat and tidy except for one large pile of clothes on a side chair. The cat actually was in heaven and claimed it for himself. He was probably so shocked to see a pile! He didn’t move for hours.

cat and laundry

I decided to crash in the living room to allow my master closet to dry. Even though I chose an environmentally safe paint, I could still smell some fumes. So I grabbed a few blankets and set up camp. Before I went to sleep, I looked around and laughed at all the piles!

Living a clutter free life has always been my choice. Ever since childhood, I have preferred to be in organized places. As I child I would clean other kids rooms. I even organized my college roommates closet. Yup that was me. Here are some of the main reasons I like the clutter free lifestyle!

1. I am very visual and like the pretty!
2. I don’t like the “hunt”. I like to know where my things are in my home.
3. Its easier to clean when you don’t have clutter.
4. When you can see what you have, you don’t buy duplicates.
5. It give me clarity and helps me focus.

And there you have it. My reasons for living a clutter free life.

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