Post Vacation Organization- Unpack That Suitcase

I was chatting with another organizer the other day and we both had a good chuckle. It turns out that we both go through our mail the night we get home from vacation. Yes, its a weird quirk for us, but paper does represent undone actions. After coming back from a vacation, I like to start off the next morning ready to roll. Unless I get home really late, I unpack and put things away.

You would be amazed at how quick you can unpack your pack and put it away. We all have the same categories. Don’t put it down, put it away!!

1. Dirty Laundry- Toss in the hamper or dry cleaning bag. I always have a laundry bag in my luggage.

2. Toiletries- If you travel regularly for business, I recommend having a second set of them and leaving them in your luggage. If it was a random business trip, or trip for fun, then put them back in your bathroom.

3. Other Clothes- Anything that you didn’t wear or doesn’t require a washing, should be put back in your dresser or closet.

4. Shoes- Back on the shoe rack.

5. Misc items- That umbrella should go back in the hall closet.

6. Jewelry- put it back in your jewelry box.

7. Luggage- Put it away!!

There you go, unpacking made easy. Don’t let that bag sit, take one category at a time and get it unpacked. Vacation is over. Back to the grind!! You will feel much better when have things put away. It should only take your between 10 to 20 minutes to get everything unpacked and put away!!

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