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Consumable Gift Giving- Share The Love Without Giving Stuff

Monday was my birthday. I rounded up my best gals, grabbed some great wine from my cellar, and headed off for a dinner at a local Byob. I showed up with 6 bottles of wine which were polished off and came home with five as gifts! Yeah me. Consumable gift giving! I personally love it.... Read more »

Online Consignment Stores- The New Way To Shop

A few months ago a friend of mine told me that she was redoing her wardrobe. I offered to go shopping with her. She told me that she isn’t even leaving the house. Yup, she had turned to online sites to swap and buy gently used clothes. Wow! This was news to me. I work... Read more »

Earth Day 2015- Simple Changes You Can Make To Be "Green"

Today is the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. This day was created to promote taking care of our planet. With mass consumption and large levels of debris, its important that we learn how to better use our resources. It starts with you. Everyone can make changes to be more “green.” I am always looking for... Read more »

Hoarding And The Health Department- An Experts Point Of View

Did you know that anyone can report you to the health department? Yup. It could be your neighbor, a repairman, or even a random person walking down the street. And yes, the health department will come out and investigate. I have been involved in this situation several times. Its not my first time at the... Read more »

Clutter Blindness- Do You Suffer From It

“Can’t they see it?” The most common question I get from family when addressing a cluttered situation. After time passes they develop “Clutter Blindness” to their space. They are used to ducking and dodging piles. They know how much stuff they can leave on the stairs and still make it through (while the organizer is... Read more »

What's In Your File Cabinet - National Organize Your Files Week 2015

Did you know that the third week of April is National Organize Your Files Week? Yes it is. Every January, I purge the small file system that I have(I am pretty much paperless). In a perfect world, we would all start out the new year with files being cleaned out, purged, and archived. What’s in... Read more »

Wasting Other Peoples Time- Are You Guilty

I know sometimes I drive my friends crazy. I like to keep things simple and that also applies to social planning. Have you ever tried to plan a dinner for a group of gals? The amount of texting for one evening out can put you over your monthly limit. Time is precious. Most of us... Read more »

How To Handle Your Parents Stuff

One day we will all have to deal with the loss of our parents. Its the cycle of life but something that none of us want to think about. Unless your parents are living in an assisted living facility or nursing home, you will have to deal with their stuff as well. If they are... Read more »

Getting Ready to Move- Things You Don't Need Anymore

Moving season is upon us. Pretty soon the Real Estate market will go crazy. People will put there homes up for sale in hopes of moving and resettling before school begins. Its a mad dash for everyone. Its also a perfect time to purge your stuff. Why take it with you when you don’t need... Read more »

Post Vacation Organization- Unpack That Suitcase

I was chatting with another organizer the other day and we both had a good chuckle. It turns out that we both go through our mail the night we get home from vacation. Yes, its a weird quirk for us, but paper does represent undone actions. After coming back from a vacation, I like to... Read more »