Online Consignment Stores- The New Way To Shop

A few months ago a friend of mine told me that she was redoing her wardrobe. I offered to go shopping with her. She told me that she isn’t even leaving the house. Yup, she had turned to online sites to swap and buy gently used clothes. Wow! This was news to me. I work a lot with consignment stores for my business but didn’t know that they had ones online where you could buy and sell your stuff.

I did a little research. The sites won’t let you have a peek at the merchandise unless you sign up in their system. My friend told me that basically you set up a profile, upload your items and set a price. Then you wait. People will offer to buy your stuff or give you a counter offer. And you can also buy things. You can set up searches or alerts for your favorite brands.

Everyone that I have talked to that have used these sites comments that everything they have bought is in good condition. Some of it even still has tags on it.

Some of the sites that I was able to find are:

1. Poshmark
2. Tradesy
3. Snobswap
4. Swapstyle
5. Threadflip

As with any service, I think that these sites have advantages and disadvantages. If you know what you are looking for and you know the size is a perfect fit, then its a no brainer. For those of us that have to try things on, them in maybe more of a challenge to order and return items. Remember you are buying from individuals not stores. The return policies are probably different.

Happy shopping!!

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