Getting Ready to Move- Things You Don't Need Anymore

Moving season is upon us. Pretty soon the Real Estate market will go crazy. People will put there homes up for sale in hopes of moving and resettling before school begins. Its a mad dash for everyone. Its also a perfect time to purge your stuff. Why take it with you when you don’t need it! Here are some tips to help you get started!!

1. Moving to a different neighborhood or city? You can immediately get rid of your phone book and take out menus. Also those park district news letters and neighborhood news letters won’t be useful anymore.

2. Is your new place a total change from what you have now? Will your current window treatments work for you?

3. If you are going from a house to a condo, then you can clean out your garage, attic, and basement. You wont have that much space for storage, so you will need to evaluate what you want to keep and what you can let go.

4. Holiday Decor- Most people have certain decor items that are specific to their home such as wreaths and banister decor. What will work in your new space and what do you need to give away?

5. Clothing- Are you moving to a different climate? If you are going to the land of the sunshine you won’t need all those winter clothes!! Lucky you!!

6. Lets talk tools! If you are going from a do it yourself home into new construction or a maintained environment, you won’t need all those tools. Be sure and put together a tool bag of basics.

7. If you have your new space picked out, then you will be able to make decisions on your furniture. Sometimes things just don’t work. I had to get rid of a hutch when I bought my condo. As much as I loved it, it didn’t work in my space.

Just a few things to think about when you are getting ready to move.

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