Sunshine, Nice Weather-Perfect Time For Clearing Out The Garage

Mother nature has given us a sneak peak of spring weather. While she can’t decide if its here to stay or if she wants to leave us hanging and wondering what to wear everyday, its the perfect time to tackle the garage. Just open the door and let it all out.

In a perfect situation, your garage will be shelved and have a hanging hooks for all your shovels and tools. If this is not the case, I would add shelving to your garage. You have several different options of shelves.

1. Call a closet company- This is the most expensive option but they can design the perfect garage around your needs.
2. Buy your own shelving and line it up against the wall. I am a big fan of the Metro Shelving from the Container Store. Its very durable. There are also plastic shelves which you can buy from Menards or Home Depot. These will work but tend to be hard to clean and warp after time.

After your have decided on your organizing system, its time to pull out all the stuff. This is the perfect time to power wash and sweep out your garage. After everything is removed and cleaned, its time to put it all back.


Here are some of the areas you will need:

1. Gardening
2. Tools
3. Automotive
4. Sports Equipment
5. Picnic/Outdoor activity items(think Ravinia)

Work on one area at a time. Have some small containers on hand to containerize things if needed. Purge the things that you don’t need or use anymore. And for chemicals and paint, check out the website to find out where to donate them. And in most neighborhoods, you can put metal scraps by your curb or in your alley.

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