Organizing As You Age; The New Systems You Need

Its gonna happen to all of us- we get older. As we age our bodies and minds change. We find ourselves not able to function in the way that we did in our 20’s. Our strength and minds start to change. For some people this happens at a more rapid rate than others.

With that being said, its important to change the systems and organization in your home to accommodate your new needs. First off, lets talk about storage. If you live in a single family home, probably have an attic and or basement. Depending on your strength level, it might be time to clean them out. Stairs and carrying heavy items, can produce problems for seniors. I remember trying to convince my 94 year old grandmother that she didn’t need to store her winter coats and boots in the attic. She had plenty of room in her coat closet on the main floor, it was just habit for her.

If you have extra bedrooms in the home, consider cleaning them out and using them for storage items. Since they are more accessible to you.

Here are some items to consider purging or donating:

1. Books- keep the ones you still read but consider scaling down
2. Tools- Chances are you aren’t doing big projects around the home, keep the basics
3. Clothing- dress for how you live. What do you really need?
4. Holiday decorations- Do you still put up all the decor for the holidays? Are they in good shape?

Lets talk about paper management! Its time to make your life easier!!

1. Are you still using the old school method of having 4 bank accounts. I will tell you, its enough to make this organizers head spin. Simplify your finances. Use one primary bank account.
2. Make sure that you have a clearly labeled file system.
3. Get rid of the other non essential paper.
4. Get your bills online and have them drafted out of your accounts.
5. Make sure all your estate documents are together.

If you need visual reminders, do it! Don’t be afraid to label things! Its important for you to know where they are at a moments notice.

As your life changes, so should your home! Simplify your space and systems!!

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