How To Organize Your Technology

With technology changing at an alarming rate and more gadgets on the market, we are all getting overloaded by technology and cords. Yup,cords. Confess- do you have a cord bin? Don’t worry you are not alone, most people do.

Craigs list, Nextworth, and Ebay are full of people trying to sell their less than current technology. There is quite a market for it!!

So lets talk about product storage and organization. First of all, are you the type of person that keeps your technology till it runs out of speed like myself (my last computer made it 9 years). Or are you the type of person that loves to have the latest and greatest?

If you are a keeper like me, then you don’t need to save all at the boxes. I find that one small bin of tech accessories work for me. I use ziplock bags to keep the accessories together. I also label all the cords. Every cord in my house goes to a current technology item. When I donate or electronic recycle the item, I put all of it together and let it go. When I buy a new item, I immediately label the parts with my label maker.

If you are a latest and greatest type of technology person, then you need to store things a little differently. I still recommend labeling your cords and using a ziplock bag to store the accessories. If you plan on selling your item when the next thing comes out, then you need to keep the box. I would use a large bin to store your technology boxes. This can be stored in the basement or back of a closet. Don’t keep these boxes in your prime space. They can take up a lot of room.

The key to to label your accessories and keep them together!!

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