How To Be An Organized Traveler

Its that time again. The Kelly family will soon embark on another vacation. The countdown has begun! As soon as I push post on the blog, my next duty is to send my Dad a list of things I would like to see. We are very into culture and learning about the new places we visit. Right down to trying the local cuisine(I learned last year that I am not a fan of boiled peanuts).

Being a busy business owner, I don’t have a lot of time for travel prep. For some people I have noticed that it brings on a level of stress getting ready for a trip. Me- I start with a plan and do a few things each day! Here are some of my tips for getting ready for a trip.

1. Plan- Doing research on the place you are visiting saves a lot of time. I am lucky that my Dad and I think alike. we like to have a plan of action to maximize our fun time.

2. Entertainment- I am not good at sitting still in a car or plane. The week before my trip, I download a few books from the library on my kindle.

3. Traveling is a little more complicated when you are a chick and have to make sure that all your products are in regulation size. The week before I leave, I check my stash to make sure that I have what I need for my trip.

4. I bring up my suitcase from the basement a few days before to let it air out. I pack the obvious stuff like my laundry bag and umbrella.

5. Because I want to have the most updated view of the weather, I wait till the afternoon or evening before to pack my clothes. I am a very light packer. We travel casual. I tend to bring a few casual skirts or pants that can be mixed with different tops. And lets not forget the comfy shoes! A must.

There you have it- traveling made simple!! And the next step- relax and enjoy!!

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