Staying Productive During Chiberia

I am finding myself with a little more free time than usual during Chiberia. With most people on shut in mode and battling the flu, the priority of organizing is down on the list. It would be so easy to sit in front of the TV and stream netflix or just wander the mall each day.

If you know me, lots of down time doesn’t work for me. I like to have projects and I like to super busy. I have been that way ever since I was a child. Both of my parents have this quality. We like to run with a “to do” list and a full day.

I have been embracing this time instead of dwelling on being shut in. I find that I still have plenty to do during the days that I am not working.

So how do you stay motivated during the cold and the snow? You have a plan. Just look around you. When life is normal and crazy busy, we all neglect things in our home. What is on your list? Here are a few things I have accomplished during Chiberia.

1. New dishwasher- perfect timing for presidents day sale! Yeah me!
2. Updating my company database and newsletter.
3. Taking more organizational classes
4. Cooking for a sick friend
5. Doing some research on networking groups
6. Going to the gym everyone! Nine days straight!
7. Cooking and freezing food for myself
8. Writing
9. Stocking up on things I need

When I discover that I do have the next day off due to non scheduled or rescheduled time, I make a plan. I look at my to do list and pick a few things to do. A busy Erin is a happy Erin.

Come on mother nature, this Texas girl needs some sunshine!!

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